PSC calls for counterdemonstrations Thursday

Counter-demonstrate the pro-Israel war rally on campus
Thursday, January 22nd, 2009, 5:00-6:00pm, Main Mall, UT Campus
(Meet at 4:45pm on the West Mall steps to join the counter-demonstration)

The Palestine Solidarity Committee and the Austin Coalition for Gaza challenge the January 22nd rally in support of Israel’s recent operations in Gaza.  The organizers’ assertion that support for Israel’s violent brutality is also support for peace is outrageously offensive to the 419 Palestinian children left dead and one of the worst examples of the doublespeak so commonly used by Israel and its supporters.  We call for counter-demonstrations to bring attention to the utter human tragedy left behind from Israel’s rampage in Gaza. Over 1300 people were slaughtered by the Israel Defense Forces, most of whom were civilians.  It is a war crime of epic proportions to rain down bombs on the densest human population in the world, and it has rightly been described by UN Human Rights envoy Dr. Richard Falk as “a crime against humanity.”  Gazans live in an open-air prison where not even United Nations schools, hospitals, relief warehouses, and refugee shelters offer any sort of protection from Israel’s war machine.  Join us in demonstrating in solidarity for true peace for all people in the Middle East, derived not from war but from justice, liberty, and equality for the five million indigenous Palestinian people living under Israel’s control and the five million Palestinian refugees living in global diaspora.

We request your peaceful and non-violent participation as we come together and take a stand against this ugly celebration of war.

Texans for Israel, war is NOT peace!

SALD policy states that we cannot stop the speaker’s speech or the rally from taking place, but we have the right to intermittently respond verbally to the speaker and hold signs and banners.

In order to understand our rights and responsibilities as student counter-demonstrators, please refer to Chapter 11 of the University of Texas Institutional Rules on Student Services and Activities.

Sec. 11-804. Certain Other Offenses

(a) Notwithstanding any action taken by civil authorities or agencies charged with the enforcement of criminal laws on account of the violation, the dean may initiate disciplinary proceedings under subchapter 11-300 against a student who


(3) conducts himself or herself in a manner that impedes, interferes with, or disrupts any University teaching, research, administrative, disciplinary, public service, learning, or other authorized activity;

ALSO, the first meeting for the Palestine Solidarity Committee will take place Thursday, January 22nd, at 7pm in MEZ 1.216.


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