Nakba Memorial Day on the UT Campus

Please join us this year to show your support for the human and civil rights of the Palestinian people and remember the 4.6 million UN-registered Palestinian refugees, 780,000 of whom were forcibly removed from their homes during the creation of the state of Israel.

On Monday, March 30, from 12-2pm, we will gather on campus (meet outside the Texas Union) to remember the Nakba, the expulsion of the indigenous Palestinian people from their homes. Participants will dress as Palestinian refugees from 1948. If you have props and clothing, please wear it/bring them.

Palestinian refugees of al-Nakba wore a combination of both 40’s era Western and traditional dress.

-White button-up shirts, slacks, loose suit jackets
-Traditional galibiyas with suit jackets over them
-Fedoras or keffiyehs wrapped around the head

-Long Western dresses or skirts
-Traditional dress, wrapped with cloth belt
-Loose black or white (plain colored) scarves for weather protection

Additional props:
-baby dolls (representing child refugees)
-old suitcases
-bundles of clothing tied with rope
-wicker baskets
-clay and metal pots

For a better idea of how to dress, see these photos:

If you do not have suitable clothing for this, please wear all black. We will provide signs and some props.


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