BDS action this Saturday, April 24th

Demonstration on Sat. April 24 to protest  sales by ULTA of Ahava cosmetics, made in an illegal settlement using materials stolen from Occupied Palestine.

Saturday April 24 –  NOON to 1:15 – Assemble on the sidewalk on the north side of the Gateway Shopping Center, which runs parallel to the Capitol of TX Hwy and connects the frontage road of 183 with Stonelake Blvd.

“AHAVA” means “LOVE” in Hebrew but there is no love in Occupation!


*AHAVA cosmetics are taken from an illegal Israeli settlement next to the Dead Sea
*The UN has declared Israeli settlements in Palestine a violation of international law
*AHAVA violates the Fourth Geneva Convention by exploiting Palestine’s natural resources
*Buying Ahava cosmetics contributes to the suffering of the Palestinian people
*We ask you to boycott ULTA until it removes AHAVA products from its stores

On April 17, activists from the Interfaith Community for Palestinian Rights, Code Pink, and the Palestine Solidarity Committee of UT carried out a successful in-store action in the Ulta Sunset Valley store followed by a picket on the sidewalk along Hwy. 290.  We had previously asked the Ulta stores to remove the products & they refused.  Now we turn to the Ulta store at Gateway

Don’t Shop at ULTA!
Don’t Buy Occupation!

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