Seeking Asylum: A Panel Discussion on Refugees and the Right to Asylum March 24th @ 7 UT Campus GEA 105

Palestine Solidarity Committee, Amnesty International, International Socialist Organization, Society for Islamic Awareness, and the Austin Interfaith Community for Palestinian Rights present: Seeking Asylum

Why would people leave their country? What are the difficulties in obtaining asylum? What obstacles do refugees face in settling in the United States?

Immigration lawyer John Gibson will discuss his work experience with his clients and the U.S. government’s legal treatment of refugees. Palestinian local Radwan Dalu will talk about his personal experience as a refugee seeking asylum in the United States, and Refugee Services of Texas Immigration Director Trish Niswander will speak about her work experience with refugee families in Austin,

The event will be followed by a Q&A and donations will be collected for the Refugee Services of Austin.

Attached is the trial brief for the Ibrahim family’s asylum case. Please read this interesting document.Ibrahim Family Asylum Trial Brief


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