Important Facts about the Second Gaza Massacre

11.20.2012 | HRJ Palestine Collective
In light of the recent Israeli attacks targeting the people of Gaza there’s been a rise in public interest with regard to the Israel-Palestine conflict. The HRJ Palestine Collective believes that it is important to be aware of the facts surrounding this tragic situation at hand. Please note and circulate this information widely. The illegal and brutal Israeli occupation of Palestine and its inhumane blockade of Gaza (a form of collective punishment as it targets the civilian population of Gaza which is illegal under international law according to Amnesty International) must be stopped! Read article


One response to “Important Facts about the Second Gaza Massacre

  1. We definitely need to keep people interested in what’s still going on in Palestine. Particularly, since today’s most nasty attack on civilians, we must continue to share info.
    If you’re on twitter or any other social site, including here and youtube and/or facebook, please continue to alert people to the truth: An Occupied Palestine is not a Free Palestine.

    Free Palestine.
    Free Gaza.

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