About PSC

The Palestine Solidarity Committee (PSC) is a student organization at the University of Texas at Austin dedicated to telling the story of the Palestinian struggle for justice and self-determination on the University campus and in the wider Austin community. PSC works to tell the Palestinian story through lectures by academics and political activists, movie screenings, events and displays on the UT West Mall, our Café Intifada open mic events, the  humanitarian assistance program, and various other activities including protests, fundraisers and a new program in which we send an eye-witness delegate each year to visit occupied Palestine.

Some of our recent lectures were given by such distinguished voices as Rashid Khalidi, Noam Chomsky, Robert Fisk, Ali Abunimah and Norman Finklestein. Our West Mall events have included a mock version of the apartheid military wall which Israel is presently constructing inside the West Bank and a memorial to Rachel Corrie, a young American woman who was murdered by an Israeli soldier when he ran her over with a bulldozer in March of 2003 (our memorial was attended by Rachel’s cousin Elizabeth who also spoke on Rachel’s life and commitment to justice). Recently, we have begun coordinating many of our activities (including our delegate program) with the San Francisco based humanitarian organization, the Middle East Children’s Alliance. This includes a recent event in which we brought the Ibdaa dance troupe, a group of 20 children from Dehaisha refugee camp in the West Bank town of Bethlehem, to perform debka dance (folkloric Arab dance) for the Austin community.

The Palestine Solidarity Committee takes no official position on whether a one-state or two-state solution is the ultimate goal of the Palestinian struggle. That is for the Palestinians to decide. Our goal is to change the common attitudes of Americans toward the conflict and to force our government to take a new position which is beneficial to the Palestinian people as well as to ordinary Americans. As Americans we have nothing to gain from spending billions of dollars on an occupation which preserves Jewish-only settlements in the West Bank. We only stand to isolate ourselves and lose the once-commanding prestige of our nation.

Our membership is open to people of any background and any faith who desire to see peace and justice prevail for all peoples in the historic land of Palestine.